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Massage Space in Crouch End, welcomes you to a calm, safe and comfortable space to enjoy and benefit from an exclusive personalised manual therapy treatment in North London.
 I started off as a massage therapist and went into becoming a Rolfer, having gone through extensive training in Rolfing or Structural Integration, which is one of the most effective and sofisticated ways of improving the efficiency of the body use and of addressing pain and injuries that come as a result of it's missuse or abuse. 
 I am also a qualified homeopath, having completed a BSc with Honours at the University of Westminster in 2001. I use homeopathy in conjunction with bodywork to complement and accelerate healing.
 For the last 19 years I have been training in many different ways of working with the soft tissues (muscle, fascia, tendon, ligaments and viscera) such as myofascial release and remedial/deep tissue massage techniques to address specific conditions such as headaches, sciatica, repetitive strain syndrome (RSI), sports or occupational injuries, general stiffness and tightness, etc.
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Mindful Movement classes are run for those who would like to explore the beneficial effects of gentle perceptual exercises to re-organise old patterns of chronic pain and to calm the nervous system.
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